Quantum Leap (Prequel)

from by Sardis

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This is something that I could only see in my dreams
It was made in the bosom of the universe eons ago
The secrets that it holds are only visible for a master's eyes
Its pulls between two voids and lets those who want to enter
To escape into a time that is not our own
A time that we have always wanted a cosmic leap 

This present generation 
Another place that feels like home 
Like something that I call my own
I feel like I've been here before

Is what i'm seeing a figment of my imagination
Or is it as real as I am?
How can this be real?
My mind is weary of this great beyond
But my eyes have seen and now believe

I wonder what I did to make my life imperfect
It’s useless, I need to get away

I live for nothing
I just waste away
Give me more satisfaction
I’ll be my own thrill

Which one is real and which one is the desire of my eyes?
Both are so radiant and bleed of unknown beauty

(Am I to travel to what I want or what needs me?
What is my destiny? I’m being pulled into these two different realities
And its becoming harder and harder to differentiate)
(Stop, Can’t stop)
Travel through the unknown
Separate dimensions I can’t stop 
Thinking of what I’m leaving behind me
I only look forward and onward

I must stay on this path of time that is laid before me
I must accept what these future ghosts have given me
I look to the sky to solve my dilemma
The cosmic divide makes me want to hide
I must morph into what the universe needs me to be

Getting closer to the end of my line
I’ll just hide in time 
My future is for me 
Just wait and see
There’s no going back
This journey’s for me
I’ll start to breathe… 

Breathing out and Breathing in
Let it all begin
Should I go any further?
Drifting out and drifting in
Consciousness begins
Should I go any further?

What have I found? 
It’s unusual, It’s incredible, It’s so unreal 
I must escape 
(This life is oh so grim, bright lights that dance and dim) 
Through portals 
(Quantum propulsion) 
This is my destiny 
(Slide Expedition) 
I need to be... 


from Panic​/​React, released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Sardis California

Sardis is the musical project of Ex Moria Guitar Player James Lucas and Ex Arsonists get all the Girls frontman Cameron Reed.

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