Quantum Voyage

by Sardis

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released December 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Sardis California

Sardis is the musical project of Ex Moria Guitar Player James Lucas and Ex Arsonists get all the Girls frontman Cameron Reed.

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Track Name: Prologue to the Voyage
[Present day]
What have I found?
It’s unusual, It’s incredible, It’s so unreal
I must escape
(This life is oh so grim, bright lights that dance and dim)
Through portals
(Quantum propulsion)
This is my destiny
(Slide Expedition)
I need to be free
Track Name: The Great Deceiver
[1461 A.D.]
The masses have been assembled
come now, come now and bow
bow before your new king
come and see his new legacy
one of ruin, one of destruction
is this what you have always dreamed?
giving us everything we never wanted?
never seeing the right side

[To the King’s First Knight]
Bring the flood now
Open up the gates and let it flow 
Over everything, over everyone
Cleanse this land
Let us hear the cries for help
But your king will not save you 
Not in the end
He only cares for his agenda
His delusions of grandeur
He will not save you 
Not before he saves himself

He will not save you
He can not save us
Awaken great deceiver spread your lies upon the land

[The First Knight addresses the people]
He's blinded us all with his shallow words and promises
[The Knight addresses the King]
You’re no hero, you are not the savior to all
Speaking so elegant with treachery with a shit eating grin 
You are not as majestic as you think you are
In the best case scenario you will hang from the gallows

[I speak to the King]
Hung high on your throne of deceit
You wave your ugly hands around spreading lies as your people die
You can’t stop
(Stop, Can’t stop)
We are free at last

He will not save you
He can not save us
Awaken great deceiver spread your lies upon the land
For at last, your reign has ended
No more will you
(give hope upon broken backs)
Hold us captive we are free at last
(give us change for deceit)
Track Name: Portals Pt. II
[2285: The Knight and I have traveled to the future]
The fire has not been quenched for days
This looks like the end for us all
I can not comprehend what is at hand
We knew this day would come

Its been endless eons in the making
All the signs have been there for us to read
The prophecy has been fulfilled right before our eyes
The cornerstone has fallen into the sea

Not even the ends of the world are safe
All will fall prey to the...
Coming of days
Break the seals
Empty the cup ushering chaos

[I assure the Knight that everything is under control]
Lay down your ghosts
Control your fears
We’ve come so far yet, it’s still not enough
[The Knight addresses his worries]
(Entities not known to this earth will emerge
no one is safe in these darkened times
gateways leading to unknown destinations)
(Step back)
Lay down your ghosts
(You’re too close)
Control your fears
(Closed eyes)
We’ve come so far
(It’s too bright)
yet, it’s still not enough
We strive to stay on path of the time line
Closing portals are dangerous to the mind

[We enter the portal]
We will forge on and become one
We will become distant but connected
The rain will fall, it will fill our cups
Rising as one we will conquer all

This is not the end
Track Name: Lost within Time
[Unknown: Somewhere in between time and space]
We must go on
Sanctuary is not far away
Track Name: Quantum Voyage
[3013 After Earth]
The time has come for the end of the world
Humanity has collapsed because the sleeper within us has awakened
Everything is plagued with genocide

Floating through the blood stream of life
The death that once was has emerged
Buried long ago it slumbered below
Awakened with science and prayer
a blackened earth and scorched skies
is now the landscape before us
A war that we once fantasized about
will now become reality

And those who begged for it will be the first to suffer the consequences
Turning into beasts that will forget everything we once were
Turning their survival into a massacre of human flesh and bone
Blood will flow and pour out from every orifice
Ripping and tearing and gashing and screaming
The moans are growing louder and louder still

We must find a safe place
Their thirst is never quenched
No soul, only black eyes
They have come for our flesh
Dig through all of the dead
Dig through all of the dead
[The Knight dies to save my life]
Dig through all the dead
This world will now become a tomb
Carry the torch to home
A monument to the living dead
Give me strength so I can breath
The earth shall never remember the living again
I need freedom

[Present day]
I feel wiser
Heading home to my life
I feel stronger
I’ve been gone for so long
Now I am free
I am free
Dance around the house like you’ve been gone for so long
You can dance with me if you care to sing along
This is how my story ends of traveling through time
I am free